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2024 Season
Ages 13+


From renowned Canadian writers Jani Lauzon and Kaitlyn Riordan, comes the “terrific” and “important” Canadian play “1939”. Preparing for a visit by King George VI, students at a fictional Residential school in Northern Ontario are tasked with staging a production of Shakespeare’s “All’s Well that Ends Well”. But art can be a vehicle for self-expression and humour is a powerful form of resilience.

YES - 2024 - 1939 - Final
About The Show

While a traditional and rigid approach to Shakespeare clashes with their perspectives, the Indigenous students begin to draw parallels between their own lives and the characters in the play. Discover alongside them themes of resilience and defiance against colonial expectations. As Shakespeare's bittersweet comedy is dissected, 1939 evolves into a powerful statement of self-determination and a bold reclaiming of cultural identity.

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