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2024 Season
Ages 13+


One of the best selling Broadway musicals of all time, “Chicago” is finally coming to the Sudbury Theatre Centre Stage. Set in the 1920s, the Tony award winning show features the beloved hits “All That Jazz”, and “Cell Block Tango”. The story revolves around Roxie Hart, a fame-hungry performer who murders her lover and finds herself in jail. 

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About The Show

Inside the Cook County Jail, Roxie encounters other murderesses, including the notorious Velma Kelly, who is also seeking the spotlight. As the sensational trials unfold, spearheaded by charismatic lawyer Billy Flynn, the musical explores themes of corruption, celebrity, and the North-American obsession with fame. Coming Summer of 2024, Chicago offers a satirical and glamorous glimpse into the iconic Jazz Age and the pursuit of stardom.

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